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Jesus said: "If you continue in My will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
( John 8:31-32)


New Covenant Publications is part of the counter-cult ministry of Blood Covenant Church (so-called because of its emphasis on salvation by grace through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ--Eph. 1:7, Matt. 26:28, Eph. 2:8-9, Rom. 3:25). New Covenant Publications seeks to help and restore those who have been hurt by cults and/or cult-like abusive groups. It also seeks to inform the public and the Christian community of the deceptions and abusive or exploitive practices of such groups. Our primary emphasis at this time is the Unification Church and The International Churches of Christ aka The "Boston Movement".

Articles / tracts concerning the Unification Church:

Is Rev. Moon The Messiah?
The Women's Federation For World Peace
Examples of the Use of Deception By the Unification Church
Was Jesus Conceived by Mary Having Sex With Zechariah?
Rev. Moon - The Champion of Racial Equality?
Mass Wedding Coming to Washington D.C. - Nov. 29, 1997
PRESS RELEASE - about New York City "Blessing 98 Ceremony - Containing valuable quotes that are still relevant today."
"Blessing '98" in New York City   Although this article deals in some ways specifically with the “Blessing Ceremony” / Mass Wedding held June 13, 1998 in New York City, it also exposes the true underlying doctrine and belief system of the Unification Church (the Family Federation for World Peace) behind all their so called “Blessing  Ceremonies”.
Celebrities, Politicians -- Being Used by Moon to Promote His Agenda and His False Teachings
The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
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Articles / tracts concerning "The International Churches of Christ" a.k.a. "Boston Movement":

ICOC UPDATE 2005 (Is the Threat Resurfacing?)

Fallout From Years of Abusive Leadership:

Hopes and Prayers Being Answered (Current Events in the ICOC)

Showing Their True Colors (a look at ICOC leaders 6 months later)

Articles Published Prior to 2003   -   The following articles were researched, written and Published during the 10 years leading up to the 2003 awakening brought about, in part, by the mass distribution of the Henry Kriete letter. Practically all of the abuses, manipulative practices, and flawed or corrupt teachings referred to in these articles have been admitted to by most of the ICOC leadership worldwide (both former and current), apologized for, and, in many cases, repented of. Unfortunately there are still those who have not. For those that have, these articles serve as a reminder of just how bad it got and hopefully to help keep old ways from returning. For those who havenít, these articles serve as a wake up call for repentance and reform.

Refutation of ICC Teaching:

From the Mouths of Leaders:

Hypocrisy and Abuse of Authority:



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