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Baltimore Church

Reaction Meeting

March 2, 2003



(from the notes of a person attending the meeting)

Yesterday Ed Dawson (Baltimore Evangelist) lead a regional meeting where he addressed some of the issues brought up by members.

Please note that these are my notes. If anyone else was there please add/fix anything below.

He was bouncing around a bit, but here are some things from my notes:

-He felt the same way that we did but did not speak up.

-He hasn't been hiding anything

-He felt relieved when he read the HKL

-Baltimore is set up as a consensus leadership (Ed and 7 other men)

-Apologized for slowness of response to the letter.

-No open church forum because they (the consensus) saw the destructiveness of it

-All members can talk to Ed after church [individually]

-We will have as many talks as needed.

-Ed said that he never taught the OTC. Ed was baptized outside of the ICOC. [my note: Ed says this, but many BT leaders and others taught it. Ed never denounced it before Sunday]

-He said it is the "system's fault" for there being no elders or deacons in Baltimore

-Deacons will be appointed soon. Elders will be appointed when men are qualified.

-Our "system" made the evangelists god. Ed never liked that.

-Discipling is not bad but there is bad discipling.

-Decisions for Baltimore will be made by Baltimore (consensus)

-Is it the best for Baltimore to become its own church, separate form the DC church? Maybe, but Baltimore will decide.

-Ed just found out that 90% of SMC did NOT go overseas.

-SMC became a chore to him. Others above him "made" give people the goal amounts (multiples, etc.) Ed said he just wanted to tell folks to give what their hearts decided to give. He apologized for not standing up for what was right.

-Ed apologized for guilting people out who wanted to move to other ministries.

-Ed wants to tell his salary to the church, but will not until the other evangelists in the DC church agrees to do so. Ed said that Jim Blough is willing to tell his salary also.

-He said that Baltimore will determine if his salary is in excess.

-Ed said that he was told to live in Ellicott City, MD. As I understood it, it was part of his job description.

-He never went on the big retreats although others did.

-On d-partners. Get rid of your bad d-partners. Pick a new one.

-Advice is advice

-Dating rules - date who you want. Be wise. [note: he said more things about dating but I did not write them down]

-Apologized for being quick to become angry. Named a few people specifically whom he sinned against.

-Apologized for shutting down people.

-Stats have hurt people. Apologized if anyone felt like a number.

-Ed said he never misrepresented the stats.

-Ed said he never knew any "fallaways" but knows many who "wandered"

-Money has been misused by our church. No laws broken, but misused.

-He apologized for not protecting us from financial abuses.

-He apologized for being part of the environment where some felt inferior to others.

ALSO, we were given two letters of apology. One from our Board of Directors and one from the Evangelists and elders as a whole. These looked pretty much like the LA letter.




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