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NYC West Side Midweek

March 4, 2003


Speakers were Sam Powell and Sherwin Mackintosh, both elders with the NYC church.

(notes from a person in attendance)

Leadership. The role of evangelist and elder, from now on will follow the biblical pattern, no the ICOC pattern.

There will be no more "one man" leadership. There will be no more "leadership elite". This is NOT servant leadership.

The results of the "one man leadership" and "leadership elite" has resulted in a severe abuse of authority in the church.

We are going to examine the role of women in the church and make changes necessary that will follow more closely how God views women. We have burnt our women leaders out and put way too much burden on their backs, in some cases we have ruined them.

There is a major lack of racial diversity in the church. This will change.

There is a major lack of racial diversity in the church. This will change.

Henry Kriete's letter. It can no longer be ignored. We agree with it, we are ashamed that the ICOC is guilty of the things he has pointed out. Steve Kinnard said after reading Kriete's letter he's ashamed of himself for not "having written the letter" himself.

We will end the "one person over another" relationships NOW. We are all in Christ, no one "over another".

The "weaker parts of the body need special attention"

Discipling "trees" are NOT biblical, and do not work. Giving and taking advice on dating, etc, being's nobody's business....making decisions on who disciples want to marry...that's THEIR business. Where they want to live....that's THEIR business.

WE created the word "discipling". God speaks of "one another" relationships.

People have been motivated by guilt, NOT love of Christ....By Fear, etc....

We have violently abused "NUMBERS". We measure our discipleship by "numbers".
"Pressure Motivation"...constantly on each other's case.
OVERT Pressure and GROUP Pressure (D-Groups), the "Hot Seat". We've been motivated by humanism and have relied on ourselves.

It is NOT OUR JOB to label people with what "we think".

FINANCES. We should all be able to ask about it. The concept of "Tithing" is an Old Testament principle. It is not in the New Testament. ( no 10% or any specific amount)

SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION. It has done great things. But our churches have been burdened heavily, without regard of the individual's financial status.

Financial Statements need to be MORE detailed. More Specific.

There is TOO MUCH PRESSURE on our Teens.

We need to re-write the Kingdom Study...find out what within our "study series" is false doctrine.

There has been secrecy and lies as to why people have left the ministry.

We need to focus MORE on single MOMS.

Our "movement" has been FULL of doctrinal pride.

This is an abbreviated list of things that we will be changing and focusing on. More changes will continue happening as the elders continuing meeting with the church and examining the scriptures to see what false doctines still need to be gotten rid of, and what the Bible says about how His church truly is supposed to be.

The church was ENCOURAGED to read the Henry Kriete letter.

Sam Powell and Sherwin both apologized for not protecting the church members more. For not speaking up. The elders were set up in a way that they were "below" the lead evangelist.

These open forum talks with members and former members will continue for as long as they have to.

The elders are committed to not making any decisions without first bringing it before the church.

Too many decisions, basically ALL decisions until now have been made exclusively by the leadership without the input of church members, a major proponent of the ICOC style leadership.

No more.

Steve and Lisa Johnson have relinquished their positions as lead evangelist of the NYC Church.

Basically the lead ministry leaders leading the Manhattan regions are no longer leading those ministries.

It is a new day. The ICOC movement is over. God is reclaiming His church.



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