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Omaha Nebraska Church Reaction

March 2, 2003


(notes from a current member)

I've waited until last night to post the things that are going on in the state of Nebraska.

Last week the evangelist forwarded the HK letter to some of the members. Last weekend the evangelist and some of the members met to discuss how they felt and where we as a church should go. This Wednesday the letter was handed out to every member of the congregation. There are open forums through the weekend and the beginning of next week. Things have changed here and they continue to change.

Changes that have already taken place:

- No more discipleship partners in the marrieds ministry. Every neighborhood Bible talk has the responsibility of watching out for its own members. There is no "discipling" between Bible talks although people freely get input from others. This happened at the beginning of the year.

- SMC was set as 4X with all of the money being used to hire interns in the church in Omaha. None of the money is being sent out. The number of interns will be based on what is given for SMC. This was decided at the beginning of the year.

- Heavy accountability for contribution (weekly and SMC) has not been heavily enforced for several years now. People give but at this point I believe it's a choice they make themselves.

A couple of the changes that have been made and more changes on the way. I don't think any individual could stop the things that are happening in the church right now and I look forward to where we are going.

One other note. Our evangelist has been here since late last summer. Although he was an evangelist in a larger church prior to his coming here


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