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Wyndham's Letter to Henry Kriete


Henry I was in Romania till Thursday and just read your paper yesterday. In honesty I was far more drawn to some of your content than your spirit or process. Without question the need for repentance and restoration is the path beyond where we find ourselves currently. However I am no less impressed with one man wrecking crews than one man leadership these days.

You asked for honest feedback and mine would be you are right in some of your assessments and overreacting in others. In my opinion the need of the hour is internal change without internal destruction on a church by Church and WS by WS basis. Being in Boston the past 16 yrs I have certainly seen some degree of the same Kingdom reflection I would assume you have seen in London.

My intent as an Elder and disciple is to begin where I am and help where else I can as desired by those with whom I find mutual respect and humility. Your humility is far less visible than your judgments. I don't appreciate your decision to put the article on the internet as it means we all will have to answer for your judgments but that is a moot point and I assume was your choice of how to press the issues. I don't agree with that but will have to deal with the result.

As to your criticism of the Unity meeting in LA, I don't recall seeing you there but find your criticism emotional but fairly lacking in content. Any of us who were there would love to have seen more accomplished but felt it was at least a beginning. We considered a uniform repentance statement but felt there was more to be lost by dictating that than letting the Spirit and time determine who needs to repent for what and in which situations.

Clearly London has found your time to do such. We are continuing a process of that started by our Overseeing team here in September. It has been refreshing and a beginning but not a cure all. From what I hear leaders and leaderships everywhere are coming to their own convictions about such a need in God's time and from their own circumstances. We are all similar in many things but experiences vary widely from what I can see and hear.

No one man can write a script for others to follow with our own consciences or from our own unique experience even in the same movement. I still hold it to be a good commitment made at the meeting that we function as World Sector leadership groups to move forward in these critical times. I am not sure you are speaking for your fellow leaders in the Commonwealth but hope you are willing to submit to them in some process of agreed decision making for the good of the whole.

Finally I found your singular authorship with very little apparent input from others who know you or London and the movement to remind of the same spirit you accuse other leaders of. I appreciate your wife's adding her support but would draw much more credibility from your fellow Evangelists and Elders such as Fred Scott, Adrian Hill or Comrades such as Mike Fontenote, Jim Blough and Mohan Nanjadan all men who have been in the system as have you.

We all need shaping of our spirit and convictions by peers and I would ask you if you are practicing humility with a peer group around you less you fall prey to that which you rightly condemn in others. I know they share some of your same sentiments but find their spirit to be much more appropriate for progress in my opinion. When Gordon and I wrote Golden Rule leadership we did not do everything right but we did try to get others input on our spirit and content without sacrificing our convictions.

Neither it nor your paper or any other disciples ideas in writing or otherwise will save the day; they can only contribute to God's plan to both discipline and redeem us. I will pray for your progress in London and hope it inspires us all. I don't look for it to be the only center of what God is doing but hope it contributes to the good of us all. In my view unity is the most crucial need of the hour and I hope you are as committed to that as you are expressing your convictions. You asked for feedback and I hope you find this helpful. I do not know you personally but greatly appreciated you book "Worship the King". Thanks for all you have done for Jesus.

Your Brother


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